Skilled (Residence) Regional Visa

The Skilled (Residence) Regional (Subclass 887) visa is a permanent visa for people who have lived & worked either in a “Regional or low population growth metropolitan area” or a “Designated area” in Australia on an eligible visa for at least 2 years & worked in that area for at least 12 months. It enables certain provisional visa holders who have met certain residence & work requirements to apply for this permanent visa.

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Applicants for Subclass 887 visas do not need to lodge an EOI or receive an invitation to make a valid visa application.

Some criteria to be met by prospective visa applicants are as follows :

  • You have lived in a “Regional or low population growth metropolitan area” or a “Designated area” for at least 2 years
  • You have worked in a “Regional or low population growth metropolitan area” or a “Designated area” for at least 1 year
  • You have complied with all conditions of your current/previous visa(s)
  • Some of your family members must meet the English Language Requirement
  • You & your family members must meet the Health Requirement, if called upon to do so
  • You & your family members must meet the Character Requirement
  • Eligible family members must be included in your visa application
  • Eligible family members you include in your visa application must meet the Secondary criteria for this visa
  • You must be in Australia both at the time of application & decision

Some of the Rights of Subclass 887 visa holders are as follows :

  • You can live permanently / indefinitely in Australia
  • You can sponsor eligible relatives for Permanent Residence
  • You & your family members will become “Permanent Residents” from the day this visa is granted
  • You can work & study anywhere in Australia
  • You may enroll in Australia’s public health care scheme MEDICARE
  • Your children can study at local tuition fees
  • You may travel in & out of Australia as many times as you want for 5 years
  • If eligible, you can apply for Australian Citizenship

In our almost 20 years of providing immigration assistance for Australian migration prospects, we have observed innumerable instances of the “Department of Home Affairs (DHA)” website being used as the primary source of providing immigration advice to prospective clients. Persons interested in migrating to Australia must note that the DHA website is useful in that it contains a great deal of explanatory material about visas. However, it does not distinguish between legislation & formal policy. There are critical factors relevant to each visa which can only be found in legislation. At times, even some basic relevant factors can be absent on the DHA website & your reliance on it to file a visa application can seriously jeopardize your chances of success. Experienced legal expertise in ever-changing Australian migration law is a prerequisite to succeeding in your migration goals.

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