Global Recruitment Services

Our global recruitment agency currently provides international recruitment options in disciplines across a spectrum of sectors. Thanks to our global partnerships with international recruiting firms, you can benefit from a global access to better job opportunities.

We listen to you and advise you according to your specific needs. We help you discover your international employment & immigration options. With our added experience and expertise as immigration consultants, we can guide and support you through every step of your immigration process.

Our international recruitment experts will guide and assist you all along the recruitment process. Our immigration experts will guide through the immigration process. Hence, you are assured of a single point of contact that makes the entire process of migrating to a foreign country, with a job, seamless for you.

Why work abroad

  • Earn a much higher salary
  • Have access to better job opportunities in multiple countries in the future
  • Learn new skills
  • Personal Development
  • Better quality of life for you and your family
  • Have access to world-class public healthcare at no cost
  • World-class education options for your children
  • Get a powerful passport

How we can help you

Our global placement agency services include:

  • Resume writing
  • Matching you with international job vacancies
  • Arranging for the employment contract and other documents for visa submission
  • Arranging for your Work Permit or Residence Permit
  • Visa application preparation and submission
  • Guidance on acquiring the specific PCC
  • Assistance with medical insurance
  • Updates & follow-ups with the relevant embassy
  • Visa interview preparation
  • Guaranteed compliance in all procedures