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“Unless high standards of conduct are maintained by those who pursue a profession requiring great skill begotten of special knowledge, the trust and confidence of the very community that is to be served is lost and thus the function of the profession is frustrated”

Sir Owen Dixon (Sixth Chief Justice of Australia)

“Bringing the world to you”



The WORLD, or at least large parts of it, are unknown to us. Trapped in the vagaries of everyday life, we are constricted in our efforts to broaden our horizons or explore exciting new opportunities which remain largely unknown to us.

In an ever-changing immigration landscape, even more remote is the possibility that we can determine the many opportunities that exist around us, unless assisted by highly skilled individuals and/or companies who not only have domain expertise, the knowledge & skill to suggest the best options, but have made it their mission ‘to improve the quality of lives of the people that we serve’. Migratesmart® invites you to come & explore these opportunities that exist for you.

MIGRATESMART® is a company registered in India, offering Global Residency & Citizenship Solutions to individuals, families & corporates. Having provided migration pathways & solutions successfully for almost 20 years now, we have in this journey been able to acquire a reputation for being a company with a customer-centric approach, which provides immigration assistance in an ethical manner & in conformity with the prevalent laws of every country in which we operate and offer services for. Above all, we have acquired the reputation of someone that can be trusted. This is proven by the fact that a significant number of our emerging clients are from “referrals” from our past, or sometimes even current clients, and from people with whom we have built relationships over the many years we have been in this business. Word-of-mouth marketing has also worked very well for us, which is a testimony of our reputation in the marketplace. We are very proud of this achievement & humbly continue to embody the above quote by Sir Owen Dixon in the manner we conduct ourselves & our business.

The decision to migrate is usually ONE OF THE BIGGEST DECISIONS one would normally take in life. Hence, in order to ensure that this process is successfully achieved, without compromising with the laws of any country, it is critical that such work be entrusted only in the hands of those who have the requisite knowledge, proven expertise and, equally importantly, display ethical conduct.

With the partnerships that we have built with leading law firms in all the countries that we operate & the tireless work that our research analysts put in to ensure that we are always kept abreast of all changes in law in all countries IN REAL TIME, we at Migratesmart® are in a unique position to fulfill the migration goals of each client & turn their migration journey into exactly what it should be – a pathway to progress & a better life of opportunities for them.


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