Why Migratesmart

Founded in 2016 by promoters who have over two and a half decades of experience in immigration, Migratesmart is an effort to offer immigration services from a registered brand name “Migratesmart” that people can identify with and trust.

Our core services include Residency by Investment, Citizenship by Investment, Business Migration, Skilled Migration of professionals, and International Recruitment to countries around the world.

We offer client-specific Global Residency / Citizenship, and international recruitment solutions based on a thorough understanding of each client’s background and goals.

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How does it help you to deal with us rather than with international service providers directly ?

Most importantly, we give people choices as opposed to service providers who market only a single immigration destination or program. Guiding you to choose the destination and program most suitable for you and your family ensures that you do not invest in pathways that can be detrimental to your interests in the future.

Firstly, being in the same country or even the same city, we can address your concerns, issues, or problems in real time & instantly. This is not possible most of the time with cross-border associations.

Secondly, international service providers have little knowledge of local laws. The process of application documentation & foreign outward remittance has to be done per local laws. This is our area of expertise and is critical in ensuring the success of your application.

Thirdly, whether an investment being made by you is in your best interest & completely safe for you is difficult to assess as an individual not well-versed with industry nuances & players. We do deep due diligence on international service providers, projects, programs, and everything that you would be associated with in your process. This guarantees your security.

Lastly, dealing with us may even be more cost-effective for you. When you approach international vendors directly, they will quote you as an individual. We can get discounts from international vendors because of the volume of our transactions with them.

Our consultation process

Our initial, paid consultation typically comprises a 1 -2 hour conversation either by video phone or in person. After the consultation, we will provide a formal proposal describing the scope of our work, a timeline, and all details of related costs.

Why do we have a “No Free Consultation” Policy ?

Amongst clients, there is a very common occurrence of them going around getting umpteen free consultations & then doing nothing. How does it serve anybody to let anyone do nothing?

Amongst service providers, a very common occurrence is of providers asking you to invest in a particular program or buy this property or make that investment, without having any regard for what you want or what would be best for you.

We know what our advice is worth. Free is for people giving you worthless advice. We study your background thoroughly, assess your eligibility & suitability for various programs, suggest the most suitable options for you, and provide tax advice, foreign exchange advice, and business advice. So we provide holistic & real solutions. We do not market products or real estate, or a particular program.

Our professional services guarantee that your transaction risk & completion risk is ZERO.

Why Migratesmart

  • Over two and a half decades of experience in global immigration
  • A boutique law firm with rich domain expertise
  • Providing world-class residency, citizenship & business advisory solutions at par with the best in the world
  • A global network of partner law firms spanning almost every region of the world
  • We have qualified, certified & experienced global immigration advisory experts to guide you every step of the way
  • Client-centric approach: Migratesmart is built on referrals and long-term relationships with our clients. You are the reason we exist. We listen to you. We protect your reputation and standing. We use technology to complement and not replace great customer service. We make the process simple. We remove complexity and stress. We communicate effectively in a way that makes sense to you. We provide tailor-made immigration solutions based on a thorough understanding of each client’s background & requirements.
  • Ethical lawyers: Our clients are protected by Legal Professional Privilege and a “Code of Conduct” to which we must strictly subscribe at all times. The confidentiality and security of your information are of paramount importance to us. Migratesmart is constantly evolving, improving, and embracing feedback & change.
  • Fixed fees with no “Hidden Costs”
  • Giving back: We strive to give back to our community. Migratesmart has always been committed to good corporate citizenship. We engage in fundraising for worthy causes, and support a range of community organizations.

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