Distinguished Talent Visa

The Distinguished Talent visa is for people who have an internationally recognized record of exceptional & outstanding achievement in an “eligible” field or have provided specialized assistance to the Australian government in matters of security.

This is a permanent visa allowing applicants to be eligible for Citizenship if they satisfy certain criteria.

It has 2 subclasses :

  • Subclass 124 (offshore) : For applicants who are outside Australia
  • Subclass 858 (onshore) : For applicants who are in Australia

You must have an internationally recognized record of exceptional & outstanding achievement in one of the following areas :

  • A Profession
  • A Sport
  • The Arts
  • Academia & Research

The Australian government has identified certain sectors of the economy as a priority for future growth. Applicants who have the educational qualifications or skills & knowledge in these sectors, and are able to meet the salary criteria, are given the highest priority in visa processing. These sectors are :

  • AgTech (the application of technology to agriculture & food production)
  • FinTech (technology that seeks to improve & automate the delivery & use of financial services)
  • MedTech
  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science & ICT
  • Space & Advanced Manufacturing, and
  • Energy & Mining Technology

Some common criteria that need to be met are :

  • There is no age requirement
  • Your achievement must be “internationally recognized” (Contact Us to determine if your field of expertise can be determined as “internationally recognized” under Australian migration policy)
  • You must still be “Prominent” in your area (Contact Us to determine whether you satisfy the “Prominent” criteria under Australian migration policy)
  • You must contribute & be of benefit to the Australian community
  • You must prove that you will have no difficulty in obtaining employment or establishing yourself in Australia
  • You must be nominated (Contact Us to know who can nominate you)
  • You must prove “Functional English” or pay the second visa application charge
  • You can include “members of the family unit” in your application
  • You must meet “Health & Character” requirements

The Distinguished Talent visa can have demanding documentary requirements to satisfy the many criteria relating to your area of expertise. You can only meet relevant criteria if you have a thorough understanding of Australian migration policy. Allow us to help you do that.

This visa is an attractive pathway to direct Permanent residency for professionals with acclaimed skills in certain areas. Is the work you are doing or the qualification you have obtained make you eligible for this visa? Contact Us so that we can help you determine your eligibility & possibly benefit from this direct route to permanent residency.