Jobs in Germany – Occupations in high demand

The complete IT industry, engineers, data analysts/scientists, and experts from all over the world. Applicants from other professions could also have a good chance. However, this is always profile-dependent.

We cannot help you if you are in any one of the following professions:

  • Any low-to-mid tier support roles without German skills
  • Any law or tax related positions
  • Any travel or hotel industry related positions
  • Any medical experts working directly with patients due to strict regulations


  • Age – Maximum 45 years
  • Education – A completed acknowledgeable university degree comparable to a German one. We will help you determine this.
  • Certifications: any certifications that are related to your work would be welcome
  • Online profiles: such as GitHub, LinkedIn and others that give a detailed account of your work samples would be welcome & desired
  • Experience: Related work experience of at least 2-3 years. Exceptional candidates with less experience can also be considered. Our team will determine whether you would have a good chance of securing a job even with less experience
  • Language – Must have good English language communicative ability. Knowledge of German is normally not required in unregulated professions. We will help you determine your language requirement once we have looked at your profile
  • Interview – You will be interviewed by multiple companies & have the chance of securing the best job
  • Criminal Record – Must have none
  • Funds – Proof of sufficient settlement funds.

How we can help you:

  • We offer arrangement of all work and visa related formalities for non-EU citizens wanting to work in Germany
  • We optimise your resume and cover letter to match German expectations
  • We do a professional job search for you, and only consider job positions that meet your individual qualifications as well as future visa requirements
  • Our deep understanding of the German language, work culture & customs enable us to help you secure the most suitable job for you
  • Our deep understanding of what different German companies might demand during the recruitment process, and how those demands need to be addressed are critical in assuring that you get the most suitable job
  • Our in-house domain experts can help you prepare & present your best profile to German companies that will have the desired effect
  • We help you prepare for your interviews and arrange remote interviews for you
  • We will help you determine which visa pathway is the most suitable one for you
  • We will help you prepare and file your resident permit application in a smooth and time-efficient manner
  • We can also help you in other matters such as finding an apartment, insurance, kindergarten, utility providers, etc


  • We offer an all-inclusive price
  • No need to give any English language test
  • Confirmed employment contract
  • Fast processing of visa
  • Access to free German public healthcare
  • Access to free German public education for your children
  • Chance to work anywhere in the EU later
  • Pathway to German Permanent Residency (PR) in 3 years or even less under new laws
  • Pathway to German Citizenship
  • Pathway to European Union (EU) Citizenship
  • Access to visa-free travel within the Schengen area
  • One of the strongest passports in the world allowing visa-free travel to 190 countries including Australis, New Zealand, most of the middle east & Europe, most of Asia, Japan, Singapore, Canada & USA