Country Profile

Cyprus is an appealing relocation destination for expats and their families. It has a captivating climate and lifestyle, with year-round sunshine, unique natural landscapes, a rich and diverse culture & history, enabling a wealth of style choices for every aspiration & taste. High-quality healthcare is provided through the National Healthcare System, while a well-established education sector ensures excellence in learning through multilingual internationally-recognized programs from kindergarten to university.

Cyprus residents benefit from its low cost of living, one of the lowest among Western European countries, along with highly competitive residential property prices. The island offers expats and their families an enviable lifestyle in the most safe & vibrant setting, harmoniously blending traditional & contemporary elements, while providing the perfect combination to enjoy life, as well as a great work-life balance.

Key Facts

  • Strategic location: Very close to 3 continents – Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Safest Country Rankings: Amongst the top 5 safet countries in the world and the safest country for young people (according to data published by WHO)
  • Capital: Nicosia
  • Area: 9,251 sq. km. (3572 sq. mi.)
  • Independence: 1st October, 1960
  • Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
  • Major Cities: Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Famagusta, Kyrenia
  • Population: 1.2 million (2016 estimate)
  • Major Religion: Christianity, Islam
  • Official Language: Greek, Turkish, and English widely spoken, and the preferred language for business
  • Multilingual international education
  • First-class Healthcare
  • Legal System: English Common Law. However, administrative and family law follows the Greek system.
  • Literacy: One of the highest literacy rates in the world-99.1%
  • Currency: EURO
  • Time Zone: GMT+2
  • Calling Code: +357
  • Memberships: UN (1960), EU (2004), Eurozone (2008), WTO (1995), IMF (1962), World Bank (1962), Commonwealth (1961).