• Residency By Investment

    Residency By Investment

    It is a process by which applicants can acquire Permanent Resident or Long-Term Resident status of a country by making a qualified investment

  • Citizenship By Investment

    Citizenship By Investment

    It is a process by which applicants can acquire citizenship & a second passport of a country by making a qualified investment

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Renowned as one of the best immigration consultants in India and the best immigration consultant in Delhi, MIGRATESMART®  currently offers  Immigration Australia, Canada Immigration, Residency by Investment (long term resident & permanent resident) and Citizenship by Investment services to individuals, families & corporates. Having access to and a thorough knowledge of latest immigration laws enables us to provide a service that is superior in quality & content to existing market players. With over 20 years of experience in providing immigration solutions, we have in this journey been able to acquire a reputation for being a company with a customer – centric approach. Above all, we have acquired the reputation of someone that can be trusted.

The decision to migrate is usually ONE OF THE BIGGEST DECISIONS one would normally take in life. Hence, in order to ensure that this process is successfully achieved, without compromising with the laws of any country, it is critical that such work be entrusted only in the hands of those who have the requisite knowledge, proven expertise and, equally importantly, display ethical conduct.

With the partnerships that we have built with leading law firms in all the countries that we operate & the tireless work that our research analysts put in to ensure that we are always kept abreast of all changes in law in all countries IN REAL TIME, we at Migratesmart® are in a unique position to fulfill the migration goals of each client & turn their migration journey into exactly what it should be – a pathway to progress & a better life of opportunities for them.

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