Migration Agents / Lawyers

Do you need a Migration Agent/Lawyer

  • If you are up-to-date with the latest legislative changes in the Migration Act, Regulations & policies, then NO
  • If you are familiar with exemptions to migration rules & regulations, then NO
  • If you are familiar with the requirements of each state/territory and/or assessment authority (or any other government department to which you will need to file an application), then NO
  • If you know the exact documents that are required to be filed at each stage of your application process & the manner in which the documents are to be prepared & presented to the required authorities, then NO
  • If you have read a lot of information about your specific visa on the internet & are not sure how to interpret the information, then YES*
  • If you hear “advice” from different people who are contradicting themselves, and they all tell you to do one thing or the other because its worked for them, then YES
  • If your case is complex, then YES

*In our almost 20 years of providing consulting services for Australian Migration, the promoters of Migratesmart have made one significant observation – that of the Department website (internet) being used as the primary source of providing immigration advice to prospective clients by many consultants. Prospective applicants must note that the Department website (internet) is useful in that it contains a great deal of explanatory material about visas, however it does not distinguish between a legislation and formal policy. For this reason, it should never be used as the primary source of information when providing advice to clients or by clients in determining their visa eligibility & requirements.experienced legal expertise may prove to be critical in determining a favourable outcome for you.

What does a migration agent do?

  • They conduct a comprehensive study on your background, circumstances & future plans to determine your eligibility.
  • They advise you on your visa options & immigration pathways
  • They provide a detailed account of the costs involved for the entire process & the time period it would generally take to complete the process
  • After signing of a comprehensive agreement & payment of fees, your migration agent will work with you to prepare your visa application. Towards this end, they will normally give you a “Document Checklist” or “Application Kit”, tailored to your individual needs, which will contain all required information to file a decision-ready application.
  • They will then help you file your decision-ready application to required standards
  • Once your application is lodged, they will monitor the progress of your application& inform you of everything along the way.
  • During the process, migration agents will act on your behalf liaising with the Australian government & other authorities. This means that you do not need to worry about potential communication issues or misunderstandings. They will receive information on your behalf & will communicate that information to you & help you understand what is requested.
  • They will communicate the success or failure of your application & suggest suitable remedies available to you.
  • Prepare for proceedings before a court or a merits review tribunal such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunals (AAT), or representing someone at those proceedings.

How much will the migration agent cost?

The fees charged by a migration agent will normally depend on a combination of the following factors :

  • The time and effort required and spent
  • The novelty, complexity and importance of the work
  • Customary charges of other practitioners of similar standing in the locality in like matters, or tariffs authorized by the local law
  • The result obtained
  • The value of the subject matter
  • The skill required to perform the service properly
  • The experience, reputation and capabilities of the Member, and
  • Any special circumstances, including urgency or special requests by the client.

Check if they are officially registered!

In Australia, it is illegal to provide migration advice if you are not a registered migration agent. Find out if the person you are speaking to is officially registered as a migration agent and if so, what is the current status of their registration (is it active, cancelled, suspended, barred or are they facing any other disciplinary action).If they are not, stay away from that person and do not – by all means – pay them any money.

There are enough fake agents out therewho are making money from you, selling you the opportunity of getting a visa or even better, they have a “sponsor” for you.

No agent, registered or not, can give you a visa or fast-track your application processing or guarantee you a visa, no matter how much money you pay them. Only the Department of Home Affairs can make a decision on your visa.