Training Visa

The primary purpose of the Training – Subclass 407 visa is to promote international goodwill by allowing Australian companies & government agencies to sponsor persons to travel to Australia in order to undertake training in their related occupations, including classroom-based professional development activities.

NOTE : Although the process is quite similar to the Employer Sponsored Visa, the “Training Visa” is not designed to fill labour shortages and is, therefore, not an appropriate visa for persons whose sole purpose is to undertake work in Australia.

A “Training Visa” may be issued to any person

  • of 18 years of age & over
  • who has at least 12 months of work experience obtained within the last two years in the relevant occupation
  • having “functional English”
  • is being sponsored by an “approved sponsor”
  • has been nominated (unless the sponsor is a commonwealth government agency) by the “approved sponsor” for workplace based occupational training or a professional development training program, in an occupation that appears on the approved “list of occupations”, and the occupational training will be provided ONLY by the sponsor
  • who will be paid in accordance with Australia’s industrial relation laws (unless undertaking a volunteer position)
  • who meets the required health & character requirements
  • who has adequate arrangements for ‘health insurance’ for the period of their stay in Australia
  • who genuinely intends to only stay temporarily in Australia
  • who has financial capacity to support himself/herself and any accompanying family members for the duration of their stay in Australia

For the purpose of this visa, workplace based occupational training is defined as training that –

  1. comprises of at least 30 hours a week of training, and
  2. is at least 70 % conducted in the workplace (not in classroom)

This is temporary visa & you may be permitted to stay in Australia for up to 2 years, depending on the purpose or type of training that you will be undertaking in Australia, and can travel in & out of Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid. You cannot stay longer by extending this visa. To stay longer, you must apply for a new visa.

You can include family members in your application or they can also join you later in Australia. Eligible family members include spouse or de facto partner & child under 18 years of age. However, all family members must also be sponsored by the same organization / commonwealth government agency that sponsors the primary visa applicant, and must meet the required health & character requirements.

Nomination Types

To be eligible for a “Training Visa”, an applicant must be nominated by an ‘approved sponsor’ (unless that training is to be provided by a Commonwealth government agency). The type of nomination will depend on the purpose or type of training that the visa applicant will be undertaking in Australia. There are 3 nomination types :

  1. Nomination Type 1 – Occupational training required for registration purposes : This is for visa applicants who have appropriate qualifications & work experience, and need to obtain mandatory registration, licensing or membership to be employed in their occupation in Australia (or overseas). The duration of the training can be determined by contacting the relevant regulatory body.
  2. Nomination Type 2 – Occupational training to enhance skills : This is for visa applicants who wish to enhance their skills in their respective occupations, and have at least 12 months full-time study or work experience in that occupation in the 24 months immediately before the time of nomination. The training must be in an eligible occupation appearing in the approved ‘list of occupations’.
  3. Nomination Type 3 – Occupational training for capacity building overseas : This includes 3 subcategories :

    • Overseas qualification – This nomination type enables students who are currently enrolled in an overseas educational institution and who require to complete a period of practical training, research or observation to obtain their qualification by undertaking a workplace based training in Australia for this purpose.
    • Government support – This nomination type is for providing specifically tailored workplace-based occupational training to a nominated person who has the support of a national or state/territory government agency in Australia or the government in their home country.
    • Professional development – This nomination type is for visa applicants who are employed in a managerial or professional position by an overseas employer & wish to develop their managerial or professional skills & expertise in relation to the business of their overseas employer. In this case, the primary form of training must be face to face teaching in a classroom or similar environment.

Australian migration law is constantly in a state of change. To know if you are eligible to apply and, if so, how to apply in conformity with current relevant laws, contact our registered Australian migration expert who will ensure that you succeed in your migration goals.