Our Services

Migratesmart strives to employ industry-best practices & provide services on par with the best in the industry. Some of the education-related areas we can help you with are as follows :

Analysis of your background

We undertake a thorough understanding & study of your background and preferences before even attempting to offer you advice on any education – related matter, at no extra cost to you.

Country selection

We help you in choosing the study destination that is best suited to you in accordance with your preferences (study & personal) and budget.

University & course selection

Choosing the right university/college course is a springboard to your career. Trust our expertise to assist you with unbiased advice in shortlisting & finalizing from the myriad of universities & courses that best suit your career goals, and provide you with the required migration pathway (if required). Some of the key factors in making this decision are your academic background, aptitude, personal preferences, course content, location, tuition & living costs, accommodation, on-campus facilities, academic credentials & post-study migration pathways.

Standardized Entrance Tests

Some universities require you to take language and/or standardized entrance tests such as IELTS, PTE Academic, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE. We guide you through the process of preparation & giving these tests, so that you can get the required scores to enter your course of choice.


Are you looking for a scholarship to help finance your international education? We guide you in selecting from the various institutional, international & national scholarship options available to you, and guide you in understanding the eligibility criteria for each, how to apply & succeed in obtaining a scholarship.

Financial Aid

Are you looking for an education loan to supplement your finances in support of your international education? Loans from banks or other financial institutions can come with complex terms & conditions, which at times might be difficult to comprehend. We can assist you in choosing from the many options available to you, either from our institutional partners or others, keeping your best interests in mind at all times.


Accommodations are a critical part of the student experience. On-campus & off-campus accommodation options are available in & around every education institution in all study destinations. We guide you through the process of deciding the best accommodation for you, keeping in mind the key factors that should be considered in choosing any specific accommodation.

Student Health Insurance Cover

Health Insurance cover is crucial for succeeding in your student visa application. Adequate health insurance cover can be obtained either from the education institution to which you apply or directly from an insurance provider in a country. We provide guidance on what can be the best option for you & how you can apply for a Student Health Insurance Cover.

University Application submissions & admissions

Meeting institutional application deadlines, successfully applying for admission into a university/college (including evaluating & providing feedback on your SOP/LOR), studying the conditional offers you receive from each institution that you have applied to and guiding you through the acceptance & confirmation of the offer you must decide on, are all areas where you can count on our assistance to succeed in your international education journey.

Student Visa Application

Student visa applications for each country can be different & have extensive application requirements. Our immigration expertise allows us to guide you through the process of applying for your student visa in accordance with laws that are currently applicable. This is absolutely critical in determining your success in the visa application process & will ultimately determine whether you can finally go to study in your dream destination.

Pre-departure assistance

Our pre-departure assistance can include the following :

  • Opening a bank account in your destination country
  • Travel assistance – Make a flight reservation as early as possible, even before you get a decision on your student visa. This way you can cancel your reservation if your visa is refused. If you visa is approved, all you will have to do is confirm your existing reservation.
  • Foreign exchange assistance
  • Pre-paid calling (SIM) Cards, that will allow you to maintain seamless communication with your loved ones, until a more permanent telephone arrangement can be made.
  • Documentation attestation assistance both at the time of applying to an institution & applying for your student visa
  • Translation of documents, if required
  • What you can take with you
  • What you must carry to ensure a hassle-free experience upon landing in your destination country

Post arrival assistance

Our post arrival assistance encompasses guiding you on the following matters :

  • Settlement tips – how to acclimatize yourself in your new environment
  • Working during studying
  • Managing your money
  • Managing stress
  • Visas & immigration

Post-study migration pathways

Many study destinations offer post-study migration pathways. This is one of the major reasons for students choosing a particular study destination. Post-study migration pathways help supplement your international education with a short period of international work experience. This temporary visa status can also lead you to be eligible to apply for more permanent visa options in your destination country. Our education consultancy encompasses this important aspect of your decision-making process & helps ensure that you are also able to meet your post-study migration goals.