Certified Education Agents

An education agent is an individual or organization that provides education support and placement services to students who are interested in studying abroad. Professional educational advice is increasingly seen as a must-have service. In many countries, it is common practice for prospective students to use an education agent when seeking placement in an educational institution abroad. In some countries, 60–80% of international students are assisted by education agents.

Education agents at Migratesmart provide value to prospective students by helping them compare options in different countries, locations within countries, institutions & courses. Hence, they save the students a great deal of time and effort by gathering and collating the relevant information and converting it into equivalent terms. This makes the choices clearer and easier for students to understand, thus helping them to make an informed decision. In addition, our in-house migration agents provide expert assistance with the preparation and lodging of student visa applications, which can be invaluable to students who would otherwise struggle to understand and meet the requirements.

Honesty, integrity and accuracy are indispensable tools when dealing with students, and all our education agents imbibe these qualities. Our agents demonstrate ‘professionalism’ and comply with professional standards. This means they are committed to their clients, deliver high and consistent levels of service, and have ethical practices.

EDUCATION AGENT CERTIFICATIONS are designed to raise the standards of quality & professionalism of education agents. They help education agents achieve the highest standards of professionalism. They provide the conceptual framework with which to build detailed knowledge of a destination country, its education system & institutions, and its immigration processes. Following are the primary Certifications associated with international education, which a student must look for in an education agent :

  • ICEF
  • QEAC
  • CCEA

The Migratesmart team of counselors has all of the above certifications.

The core services that education agents in Migratesmart provide to students are:

  • Information on destination countries, e.g. – lifestyle, costs
  • Information on education options, courses, and pathways
  • Counselling to students to ensure the most appropriate course selection
  • Processing of admission enrolment applications
  • Processing of visa applications

For the complete list of education-related services that we provide, please read Education Related Services

The two most important things our education agents do to ensure a good match between a student & an education institution are these:

  • Know—really know—the education institution they are promoting, from courses to competitive advantages to all relevant contacts within the institution staff for quick answers to students’ questions.
  • Listen to students—about their goals, their fears, their personalities (e.g., would a small campus or a big campus be better for them? On-campus housing or a private apartment?), their budgets, their credentials, their interests … everything. Every student is different.

Trustworthiness is a key quality for agents to possess, and in which we at Migratesmart are committed to. It is the outcome of routinely practicing certain honest and professional behaviours and standards of conduct. It is obtained by:

  • Submitting applications to institutions only from students who have a genuine interest
  • Providing complete advice to students—not just idealized information they want to hear but accurate advice that includes not just the benefits of a study plan but also potential drawbacks
  • Serving students in an unbiased way, always keeping in mind their best interests
  • Questioning and careful listening to find out each student’s individual preferences and circumstances
  • Diligently researching courses, education institutions and destination countries
  • Carefully considering the student’s desires and the available courses to find the best fit for the student
  • Have clearly communicated cost/fee structures
  • Being straightforward and honest in all professional and business dealings
  • Not allowing professional judgment to be compromised by bias or conflict of interest
  • Respecting and preserving the confidentiality of personal information acquired and not releasing such information to 3rd parties without proper authority
  • Acting in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and dealing with clients competently, diligently and fairly
  • Completing work on time and to a good standard, and honour commitments and obligations
  • Treating all with professional respect & courtesy, regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types of distinctions

We, at Migratesmart, strive to practice all of the above professional behaviours and standards of conduct.