Why Study in the UK

The UK is home to some truly ancient institutions. Some even say that formal education was born in the UK. For example, University of Oxford was founded in approx. 1100 AD, University of Cambridge approx. 1200 AD and University of St Andrews, Scotland approx .1410 AD. Approximately, 1 in 5 students in the UK are international.

As the world’s 2nd leading study destination, UK hosts institutions of learning that are amongst the best in the world. Consistently performing well in the World University Rankings, with 76 universities featuring in the “QS World University Rankings 2019” and FOUR of its universities amongst the top 10 in the world (namely University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and University College London (UCL), all leaders in research & development and priding themselves on teaching), UK has had a longstanding reputation for academic excellence. This is the reason why over 500,000 international students choose UK as their study destination each year.

UK provides students an opportunity to get world-class education, access cutting-edge research, and learn from the brightest minds. Students get the knowledge and skills that employers want—all while enjoying a high quality of life!

Some of the key reasons for a student to choose UK as a study destination could be the following:

Get World-Renowned Education

One of the biggest reasons students choose to come to the UK is its world-renowned reputation for academic excellence. UK universities consistently rank amongst the best in the world. The high quality of education can be found right across the country. Higher education institutions in the UK are regulated by the British government to maintain their globally recognized, high standard of education—and to ensure that students get the best teaching, support and resources.

Access Cutting-Edge Research

The UK is at the forefront of innovative research and emerging technologies, giving students exposure to insights and experiences that are high in demand around the world. Students in the UK have an opportunity to collaborate on groundbreaking research, get their hands on the latest technology, and learn from brilliant thinkers who are amongst the best minds in their fields.

Benefit from Short and Flexible Courses

Academic programs (referred to as ‘courses’ in the UK) are generally shorter in the UK than many other countries. Students in the UK can usually earn a Bachelor’s degree after three years of full-time study, and complete a Master’s degree course in one year. In contrast, it can take a total of 6 -7 years to earn the same degrees in Canada and the USA. The shorter study duration helps to reduce overall tuition fees and accommodation costs, thus making the UK an attractive study option. Furthermore, students can pick and choose from over 50,000 academic courses in more than 25 subject areas offered by more than 395 universities & colleges. British universities offer flexibility, allowing students to choose from different subject ‘modules’ and tailor their studies to suit their interests and career aspirations.

Improve Career Prospects

A British education gives students an opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, critical thinking and connections they need to drive their careers forward. As a result, British degrees are recognized and respected globally. Whether the student chooses to apply for work in the United Kingdom with a work visa, or return to their home country or any other country, a degree from the UK opens many doors for them.

Great Place to Live

The UK is one of the most desirable places to live in the world with its high quality of education, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure, and government services. OECD recently reported that UK has higher environmental quality, social engagement & personal security and the chance for engagement with civic society than many other developed nations. So it is very safe here.

UK is a highly multicultural society, allowing people of all backgrounds to practice their faiths. Universities, on their part, provide many related services such as prayer rooms, hosting cultural days & religious festivals for the students.

You can find any kind of food in the UK. There are many specialist stores. Everything can be ordered online too. So there is no need to bring any food with you to the UK.

Great lifestyle – from music to arts festivals, amazing exhibitions & galleries to major sporting events – there’s always something to do in the UK. The U.K. lifestyle provides opportunities to experience a wide range of live theatre, museums, art galleries, historical towns and buildings. Travel is available to most parts of the U.K. via train and/or bus and the U.K. abounds in bed and breakfast accommodation as well as backpacker hostels.

Wide range of Support Services

Universities in the UK provide a wide range of support services to make students study experience easy & stress-free. These include language & academic support, designated international student advisers, on-arrival reception & orientation programs, student accommodation, employment services, prayer & worship rooms, on-campus banking, shopping & food outlets, clubs & societies, sports & fitness facilities. This helps their easier transition to student life in the UK.

Post study migration pathways

While it is possible for a student to work while they study, there are also “Post-Study Migration Pathways” open to students. The most significant of these pathways is the one that was re-introduced in 2019 & will start to take effect from the summer of 2021. In this pathway, students will be allowed to remain in the UK Post-study for probably 2 years & develop skills and gain the work experience to launch their careers. All information on this pathway has not yet been announced since the government is obviously involved with the COVID situation. But an announcement is expected soon, especially in the context of BREXIT having been initiated & UK now looking to revamp its immigration system to attract more foreign talent. Also read – Post Study Migration Pathways

Most importantly, it is the home of English Language. So, what better way to improve their English than for a student to study here.

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