Other Bridging visas

Bridging Visa D (BVD)

The Bridging Visa D has 2 subclasses :

  • Subclass 040 – Prospective Applicant, and
  • Subclass 041 – Non-Applicant

A Bridging Visa D can be applied for if –

  • You hold a substantive visa which will expire within the next 3 days and have attempted to but was unable to make a substantive visa application, and can make that application within 5 working days of being granted a BVC, or
  • You do not currently hold any substantive visa & are unlawful, and are unable to, or do not want to, apply for a substantive visa.

You can then stay lawfully in Australia for 5 working days. Within those 5 working days, you must either make a substantive visa application, make arrangements to leave Australia or apply for & be granted a Bridging Visa E (BVE).

A BVD does not grant any travel or work rights.

Bridging Visa E (BVE)

The Bridging Visa E has 2 subclasses :

  • Subclass 050 – General
  • Subclass 051 – Protection visa applicant

This visa allows a person, whose substantive visa application has expired and who is unlawful, to lawfully stay in Australia while you apply for a substantive visa, merits review or judicial review or wait for a decision on your application or make arrangements to leave Australia.

You must be in Australia both at the time of application & visa grant.

This visa does not grant you travel rights. You can work if your BVE allows you to work.

Bridging Visa F (BVF)

This Bridging visa is for a person & their family member (if any) –

  • Who is outside Australia, and
  • Who has been identified as a victim of human trafficking, slavery or slavery-like practices or is the subject of a criminal justice stay certificate or an assistance notice that has not been revoked, and
  • Suitable arrangements have been made for the care, safety & welfare of that person for as long as the Bridging visa is valid.

Depending on one of the above circumstances, the person may be in or outside Australia when the visa is granted.

This visa permits the holder to travel to & enter Australia on 1 occasion & stay in Australia until a date specified in the visa grant letter.

Bridging Visa R (BVR)

This is a Bridging visa that is granted to a person, who is in immigration clearance, pending his/her removal from Australia on account of them having breached a condition to which their visa is subject. Upon this bridging visa being granted, the holder is permitted to remain in Australia till the date mentioned on the visa grant letter.