Bridging Visa C

A Bridging Visa C (BVC) allows lawful status in Australia to a person either

  • during the processing of their substantive visa application until it is finally determined, or
  • if their substantive visa application has been refused, until a merits review by the AAT, or
  • if the person decides to file for a judicial review against a refusal decision, until that judicial proceedings are completed

A Bridging visa C (BVC) comes into effect either from the date of grant or when another substantive visa held by the applicant expires or another bridging visa that is more beneficial than your current BVC expires.

Some of the criteria that has to be met by BVC applicants are:

  • You must not be the holder of a substantive visa or a Bridging Visa E
  • You must have filed a substantive visa application & a BVC application at the same time & on the same form, and that substantive visa application must have not been finally determined
  • All applicants (including family members) must satisfy primary criteria
  • You can work only if your BVC permits
  • You must have & maintain adequate health insurance for the whole of your stay in Australia
  • You must meet the Character requirement
  • You must be in Australia both at the time of application & visa grant
  • You cannot travel outside Australia on a Bridging Visa C

Rights of BVC applicants :

  • It allows an applicant to retain lawful status in Australia
  • If a person is granted a BVC with work restrictions, they can apply for another BVC for a waiver of such restrictions, provided they satisfy the Department that they have a “compelling need to work”
  • You can include eligible family members in your application

Who should apply, when you should apply, the criteria that each applicant has to meet, the “Forms” you can use to apply, whether you should apply online or on paper, the visa application charge payable, the visa conditions that can be imposed on your BVC, when & what can cause your BVC to cease to be in effect and whether you must choose to explore the “merits review” option if your BVC is refused, are all matters that require a thorough understanding of the Bridging visa program.

In order to retain their legal immigration status continuously, it is very important that all BVC applicants be aware of the circumstances and periods applicable to commencement & cessation of a Bridging Visa C.

To know if you are eligible to apply for a BVC or some other Bridging visa in accordance with the Migration Act & Regulations, contact us so that we can help you retain your legal immigration status in Australia.