Country Profile

Often touted as the birthplace of Citizenship by Investment, it is the platinum standard passport by investment program run by the government. It is characterised by beautiful beaches, reefs and a wonderful cool climate enjoyable throughout the year. The islands are well connected by flights from the US, Europe & the Caribbean. About 1/3rd of its population are CBI citizens.

Why Saint Kitts & Nevis

  • Stunning beaches with picturesque mountains & rainforests
  • Richest country in the Caribbean region
  • Third most developed country in the Caribbean
  • Holiday destination with over 1 million cruise arrivals every year
  • Fastest growing real estate market
  • Low tax regime – no income, inheritance or gift tax

Key Facts

  • St. Kitts & Nevis – Also known as “Federation of Saint Christopher & Nevis”. Twin-island country.
  • Independence: 19th September 1983
  • Area: 269 sq. km. ( 104 sq. miles)
  • Capital: Basseterre
  • Government: Parliament democracy functioning under a Constitutional Monarchy (King Charles of England), which is represented on St. Kitts by a Governor-General.
  • Official Language: English
  • Weather: Normally tropical & moderate throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging between 78 – 88ºF (25 – 31ºC). The highest temperature could reach 95ºF (35ºC) & the lowest 65ºF (18ºC). The wet season is between May – October. Tourists normally tend to visit St. Kitts & Nevis during November – April, when temperatures range between 75ºF (24ºC) & 85ºF (29ºC).
  • Education: Free and mandatory from the age of 5- 17 years of age. There are several universities such as the Windsor University School of Medicine, the University of West Indies and the Medical University of America. St Kitts & Nevis has a 98% literacy rate.
  • Economy: Though Tourism & Services are the major contributors to the economy, manufacturing has been growing in prominence. Close proximity to the USA, South America, Central America & of course the Caribbean has enabled St. Kitts & Nevis to export competitively priced products such as machinery, food, electronics & beverages to its major trading partners like USA, Canada & the Caribbean countries. There is scope for considerable improvement in this area. Another source of foreign direct investment for the country comes from the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme. Priority Sectors of the economy include tourism, agriculture, financial services, information technology, renewable energy, international education, light manufacturing & ship registry.
  • Legal System: “English Common Law” System
  • Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (ECD). Fixed to the US Dollar at 2.70 since 1976. This stability in currency has played an important role in attracting investors. The US Dollar is accepted in businesses throughout the country, as are all major credit cards.
  • Airports: St. Kitts – Robert Bradshaw International Airport | Nevis – Bradshaw / Vance W. Amory International Airport. St Kitts can be reached via non-stop, connecting or charter flights from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom & Continental Europe. Some of the airlines operating on these routes include American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada & Air France.
  • Seaports: St. Kitts – Basseterre Harbour | Nevis – Charlestown Harbour
  • Time Zone: GMT – 4 hours
  • Calling Code: +1 869
  • Memberships: A member of the United Nations (UN), WTO, WHO & International Labour Organisation (ILO), and regionally CARICOM & OECS.

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