• Quick processing: Citizenship is approved in as little as 60 days (via the Accelerated Application Process)
  • Various investment options
  • Simple & straightforward application process
  • You can include your spouse, children, parents & brothers/sisters in your Citizenship application. St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship can be passed on to future generations
  • No interview, language test, education, or business/management experience requirements.
  • No residence/visit requirements
  • Citizenship is permanent and passed down to future generations
  • Pure tax haven for economic citizens
  • St. Kitts & Nevis allows dual citizenship
  • Citizenship is private, and not reported anywhere
  • No oath ceremony required
  • No tax on foreign income, interest, gifts, inheritance, and property
  • No local income tax, capital gains, wealth tax, and gift tax
  • Passport valid for 10 years, renewable
  • Strong passport for mobility – Visa-free travel to more than 154 countries (which include all EU and Schengen countries and the UK) & business hubs of Hong Kong & Singapore, South Korea & Taiwan.
  • Member of the United Nations (UN), WTO, WHO, International Labour Organisation (ILO), CARICOM & OECS.

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