Countries that have investment migration programs and are most cost-effective for students

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Education of children is often the most important factor for families who apply for investment migration programs. Hence, it is imperative that families have an adequate understanding of costs involved for the children’s education.


This article provides an overview of education costs involved in various countries, and looks at which countries could be the most cost-effective. This would help families to choose investment migration program that best suits them.


Germany and Norway are the only two countries in the world that offer free education.


Countries that have an investment migration program and offer education at low costs are –

  • Germany : Free
  • Malta : Low cost (schools are free)
  • Cyprus : Low cost
  • Ireland : Affordable, costs 1/3rd less than USA and UK
  • Greece : Cheap / low cost
  • Portugal : Cheap / low cost
  • Spain : Cheap / low cost
  • Latvia : Low cost
  • Georgia : Very low cost


Hence, if education is a primary factor in choosing an investment migration program, one should choose from one of the above countries.


USA, UK, Australia and Canada have for long been the top 4 destinations for international students. However, tuition fees in these countries can be high for many families as indicated in the chart below :

United States $ 25,000
United Kingdom $ 22,000
Canada $20,000
Australia $20,000


Many countries in Europe offer free tuition fee at their public universities. Others offer tuition fees at very low rates and can be very attractive study destinations for many international students. The chart below gives one an indication of the tuition fees prevailing in various European countries :


Austria Free € 1500
Bulgaria N/A € 2000 – € 8000 (medicine)
Cyprus N/A € 3000
Denmark Free € 6000 – 16,000
Finland Free € 5000 – 20,000
France Free € 2800 – 3800
Germany Free Free
Greece Free € 1500
Hungary Free € 1500
Ireland Free € 7000
Malta Free € 2000
Norway Free Free
Poland Free € 2000
Portugal Free € 1500
Slovenia Free € 5000
Spain Free € 2000
Sweden Free € 8300 – 20,800


Other destinations that have very cost effective tuition fees are Georgia and Russia, both of which offer engineering and medicine courses at very cost-competitive rates.


Contact us to know which study destination would be best suited for your background and how you could apply to benefit from the education that you seek.

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