• World’s 4th most peaceful country & 15th most stable one
  • Average life expectancy of 81.3 years
  • 12th best public health service in the world
  • World-class universities & business schools
  • World’s most popular Residency-by-Investment program
  • One application benefiting 3 generations
  • No interview, age, education, business/management background or language proficiency requirements
  • Extremely low residency requirements
  • Can live, work, study & establish a business anywhere in Portugal
  • Can establish a business in all Schengen countries
  • Can give birth to a child in a public health institution & not incur any cost for childbirth & 2 years thereafter
  • If working in Portugal, can enjoy all benefits of social welfare including free hospitals
  • Can enjoy retirement pension
  • Option to become a Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) of Portugal for tax purposes, with little or no tax for 10 years
  • Can travel visa-free within all Schengen & EU countries
  • Can stay within all Schengen countries for 180 days a year
  • Can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) after 5 years
  • Can apply for Citizenship after 6 years, subject to meeting certain criteria
  • Pathway to EU Citizenship
  • Portugal allows dual citizenship

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