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Grenada is a Caribbean country located in the South-Eastern Caribbean Sea. It covers an area of 344 It consists of 3 islands Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique and a number of smaller islands. Colonized first by the French and then by the British, Grenada gained independence in 1974 and has since been a Constitutional Monarchy, with a Prime Minister and Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State, represented by a Governor General. It is amongst the safest nations in the Caribbean. It is an English-speaking nation with some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean. Grenadians pride themselves on their warmth & hospitality.

With one of the most pristine physical environments in the Caribbean, Grenada offers a very high quality of life, low crime rate and a relatively unspoilt natural environment. It is close to the equator. This ensures a year round tropical, comfortable climate, with average temperatures ranging between 23 and 28°C. Most notably it is located outside of the hurricane belt.

Grenada is also known as the ‘Island of Spice’. It is the world’s second largest producer of nutmeg after Indonesia and a significant producer of mace, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Other exports include cocoa beans, fish, wheat flour, cinnamon, bananas and citrus fruits, ginger, paints and varnish, paper products, animal feed & beverages.

Grenada offers free education for children between 5 & 16. The education system is based on that of Britain, with a total of 184 pre-primary and secondary schools. Tertiary institutions include T.A. Marryshow Community College and St. George University, an American offshore institution.

St. George University (SGU) is the largest University in Grenada. It is a private international world class institution offering degrees in medicine, health sciences, nursing, arts, sciences and business. It has evolved into a top centre of international education, drawing over 20,000 students and faculty from 140 countries. SGU is affiliated with education institutions worldwide including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland. Its programs are accredited and approved by many governing authorities across the world. With 959 USA residencies during the period January – July 2019, no other medical school in the world provides more new doctors to the US health care system.

Grenada has a number of private and public hospitals. Government owns 4 hospitals, with 3 private hospitals, all located in St. George’s.

Tourism and Hospitality is Grenada’s largest industry, with 5,28,740 guests visiting Grenada in 2018. Apart from this it also offers investment opportunities across a range of sectors like agri-business, ICT, construction, communications, transportation, health & wellness and energy. Grenada has been listed as one of the top 10 reformers in business reforms worldwide and has been known for its speed in handling investment enquiries. Some of the many favourable government policies include minimum entry requirement, attractive fiscal incentives and no restrictions on foreign ownerships, foreign currency transactions, capital profits and dividends.

Grenada is accessible by air through the Maurice Bishop International Airport, with non-stop international flights from/to major destinations in Europe & North America such as Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, London & Frankfurt. In Grenada, you can move around by private car or water taxis, and between islands by ferry or private boat.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is carried out by both us art Migratesmart® & by the Grenadian government on the main applicant & dependents. The period of due diligence will normally depend on the circumstances of each client.


  • Also known as : Island of Spice
  • Official Language : English
  • Capital : St. George’s
  • GDP : USD 1.467 billion
  • GDP Growth Rate : 5.2% (2018 World Bank)
  • Per Capita Income : USD 13,900
  • Time Zone : GMT – 5 hours
  • Government : Parliament democracy under a constitutional monarchy
  • Currency : East Caribbean Dollar (ECD) pegged to the US Dollar at 2.7 for the last 40 years
  • Legal System : English Common Law
  • Main Industries : Tourism, agriculture, light manufacturing and timber
  • Main Exports : Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, allspice, orange/citrus peels & wild coffee. Pioneered the cultivation of organic cocoa.
  • Main Airport : Maurice Bishop International Airport
  • Calling Code : +1 473

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