Grenada Citizenship Program

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI) allows individuals & their eligible family members to acquire citizenship of Grenada (and a passport) by making a specified quantum of investment in one of the following 2 types of instruments :

  • National Transformation Fund (NTF) – Applicants who choose this route must make a one-time contribution (donation) to the NTF. Under the NTF route, applicants may either immediately apply for citizenship, or first apply for permanent residence and apply for citizenship at a later stage. The contribution you would need to make will be in the range of USD 150,000 – 200,000 or more, depending on the number of members in your family. Other government & legal fees also apply.
  • Government-approved projects (real estate) – Currently, the vast majority of approved projects consist of real estate developments on the island of Grenada. These include luxury hotels, resorts, and villas. Citizenship applicants must keep the real estate for at least 5 years, following the grant of citizenship, before contemplating selling it. The investment you would need to make will be in the range of USD 220,000 – 350,000, depending on the investment option that you choose. Other government & legal fees also apply.

The application process is confidential, with no disclosure or exchange of information with other governments or bodies, except when due diligence checks are carried out as part of the application process. These checks are performed by an authorized due diligence agency.

An applicant must –

  • be over 18 years of age
  • be in good health
  • have enough funds to make the required investments
  • provide proof that the source of funds to make the investment is legal

Applicants must note that they will be denied citizenship if they –

  • provide false information on their application
  • have at any time been convicted in any country of an offense for which the maximum custodial penalty was in excess of 6 months imprisonment (unless he or she received a free pardon)
  • have been the subject of a criminal investigation
  • are considered to be a potential national security risk to Grenada or any other country
  • are involved in any activity likely to cause disrepute to Grenada
  • have been denied a visa to a country with which Grenada has a visa-free travel treaty, and who has not subsequently obtained a visa to the country that issued the denial

Applications for the Citizenship by Investment Program cannot be submitted directly by an applicant. The Government of Grenada requires that applications must be submitted only through authorized international marketing agents, who in turn will coordinate with authorized local agents to submit an application in accordance with prevailing laws & procedures.

Contact us to know which project you can safely invest in and how you can apply for your Grenada Passport.

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