Portugal Golden Visa Program – A year in review

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Statistics from the Portugal Immigration Department reveal that PORTUGAL has had a very good 2018 with regard to both the number of applications it has received & the amount applicants have invested.

While November 2018 saw a 30% increase in the amount invested compared to the same period last year, December 2018 has seen a whopping 300% increase in investments. In 2018 alone, applicants have invested a total of € 839 million, which works out to an average of € 600,000 per applicant. The Portugal Golden Visa Program has raised almost € 4.25 billion since opening in 2012.

Lately, real estate has been the investment option chosen by nine-tenths (9/10) of the investors. Investors in real estate have seen their investments rise significantly. The Portugal Real Estate Investment market continues to be attractive with scope for significant appreciation in the long-term.

Many factors have contributed to the success of the Portugal Golden Visa Program, prominent among them being –

● Small capital outlay with potential for appreciation
● Path to EU Citizenship
● Flexible age requirement for dependants
● Low taxes
● Negligible physical residence requirements
● A very high quality lifestyle proposition

Portugal is located at the South-West point of Europe & & is one of the world’s most ancient nations. With a very high ‘Human Development Index’ ranking, it is considered to be one of the world’s most globalized, peaceful & stable nations.

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