Malta Citizenship Program passes EURO 1 billion in revenue

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The annual report published by ORiip, MALTA, for the period 1st July, 2017 – 30th June, 2018 highlights the following facts :

  • The MIIP raised more than € 260 million during this period
  • Overall, revenues are down 39% compared to last year
  • The MIIP Program has raised more than € 1 billion since it’s inception
  • Applications for the MIIP originated from 9 different geographical locations around the world, with a majority of applicants originating from Europe & Asia. Asia, in particular, witnessed a significant increase in the number of applications from last year
  • 94% of the main applicants had another citizenship, with 6% having two previous citizenships
  • The MIIP has rejected 20% of all applicants since it’s inception, with 25% being rejected during the period in question
  • During this period, 266 main applicants (and 648 of their dependants) reached the citizenship by naturalization stage
  • On an average, each main applicant spent almost € 1.2 million on investment in property, which was 3 times the required minimum
  • A majority of investors in property chose to lease rather than buy property
  • 78% of main applicants had an education level of PhD, Masters or Degree levels
  • 58% of main applicants were between the ages of 45 & 64, while 35% were between the ages of 25 – 44. There were no applicants below the age of 25

MALTA is an archipelago strategically located in the middle of the Mediterranean, and within short distances from Europe, North Africa & the entire Middle East. It is one of few countries offering both a Residency by Investment  & Citizenship by Investment Programs. With one of the strictest due diligence processes,and one of the highest rejection rates in the world, the Malta Residency & Citizenship Programs are for a select few who can meet the high standards of the program.

Contact Us to ascertain if the Malta Residency & Malta Citizenship Programs are for you, and how you can benefit from it.

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