Citizenship by Conferral

“Citizenship by Conferral” is a pathway to Australian citizenship for the following :

  • Holders of Australian Permanent Resident visas, or
  • “Eligible” New Zealand citizens

Under this pathway, you will be required to make an application, and meet certain criteria, to become an Australian citizen. You can include dependent children in your application. Certain criteria apply to dependent children.

You may be eligible to become an Australian Citizen by Conferral in the following circumstances :

  • You have satisfied general eligibility criteria & have successfully completed the Citizenship Test, or
  • You have a permanent or enduring physical or mental incapacity, or
  • You are aged 60 & over or have a hearing, speech or sight impairment, or
  • You are aged under 18 years of age and a Permanent Resident, or
  • You were born to a former Australian citizen, or
  • You were born in Papua before 16th November 1975 to a parent born in Australia, or
  • You are a stateless person

Criteria that you will need to meet include :

  • You must be a Permanent Resident
  • You must satisfy the “General Residence Requirement” or the “Special Residence Requirement” or the “Defence Services Requirement”
  • You must satisfy the Character Requirement
  • You will need to prove that you have an adequate knowledge of Australia and of the responsibilities & privileges of Australian citizenship
  • You must prove that you have basic knowledge of the English language
  • You must prove that you have a “close & continuing link” with Australia

All applicants will be required to take an interview. Some applicants will be required to take the “Citizenship Test” & get the required “pass mark”.

Upon successful completion of the Test, you will be invited to a “Citizenship Ceremony” where you are required to take the “pledge”. After the ceremony, you will be eligible to get the “Citizenship Certificate”. You can use this to apply for your Australian Passport.

Your application can be refused on the following grounds :

  • You are not able to satisfactorily prove your identity, or
  • You are perceived as a threat to national security, or
  • You are not able to satisfy the general or special residency requirements, or
  • You are not able to prove “good character”, or
  • If you have at any time ceased to be an Australian citizen, or
  • You are not able to pass the Citizenship Test with the required pass mark

You will need answers to many questions during your Citizenship by Conferral process :

  • Who is “Citizenship by Conferral” for?
  • What is the citizenship by conferral process?
  • What do I need to meet the “Identity” Requirement?
  • How can I meet the “General Residence Requirement”?
  • Am I eligible for the “Special Residence Requirement?
  • What are the “concessions” & “exemptions” available?
  • How can I satisfy the “Character” Requirement?
  • How can I satisfy the “Language” & “Knowledge” Requirement?
  • How can I prepare for the interview & Citizenship Test? What are the factors that will contribute to my being successful in the interview & Citizenship Test?
  • How can I prepare for the “Citizenship Ceremony”?
  • What happens after the Citizenship ceremony?

Needless to say the above questions require a thorough knowledge of Australian Citizenship Law in order to meet each criteria & be successful in the acquisition of your Australian citizenship. Contact Us so that we can help you achieve your citizenship goal.