What we do

Migratesmart delivers outstanding results whilst operating with discretion, speed and integrity. Contact one of our “Certified” consultants for advice in any of the following migration-related areas:

  • Residency by Investment : The number of countries which offer residency to individuals & families in exchange for specified levels of investment is growing by the day. With stricter legislation being enacted for migration of professionals all around the world, Residency and Citizenship by investment provides an alternative migration pathway and is growing at a scorching pace, with countries around the world vying with each other for investments. Migratesmart® currently offers Residency by Investment Programs for 17 countries – Australia, Armenia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, UK & USA. This number will certainly grow with time.
  • Citizenship by Investment : This provides an exciting opportunity to directly acquire citizenship of a country in a very short period of time by making specified quantum of investments (in different forms) & enabling investors to become global citizens by allowing them to travel visa-free to a large number of countries across the world. Migratesmart® currently offers Citizenship by Investment Programs for SEVEN countries – Antigua & Barbuda, Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, St. Kitts & Nevis & Turkey.
  • Recruitment : Our International Recruitment services include assisting suitable applicants find a job and applying for their relevant visas in the following countries – Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Malta and Poland.
  • India : Migratesmart can assist you with the entire gamut of visas India offers. Our services include seeking Employment in India, establishing a business in India, Expats wishing to relocate to India, foreigners wishing to seek medical assistance in India and Permanent Residency/Citizenship of India.
  • EducationWith 1748 educational institutions in 4 major study destinations, we offer students unmatched range of study options to choose from. Let our Certified education counsellors guide you to the right career pathway.

Follow us as we continuingly update all on what we are currently doing. Being in a business where we are given the opportunity to make people’s lives better, is a ‘life goal’ we at Migratesmart are proud to be a part of and what drives us to achieve greater heights.