Our Core Values

  • Integrity : To be honest & ethical in our conduct
  • Excellence : To strive to achieve the highest standards of quality & transparency in our services
  • Competence : To act with competence, giving sound, lawful advice, having familiarized ourselves with the law, policy & procedures relating to the issue in question
  • Relationships : To nurture collaborative relationships with mutual respect
  • Trust : Build trust amongst all our stakeholders
  • Confidentiality : To maintain strict confidentiality with utmost discretion.

Statement of Ethics


We will always act with competence and diligence or not act at all

We will always act honestly and in a way that instills a sense of trust in our clients and all those we deal with. We will always treat our clients fairly

We will keep confidential all information provided to us by our clients and will act with discretion in relation to their affairs

We will give our clients the benefit of all we know that could assist them achieve their objectives

We will take responsibility for all our actions and be accountable to our clients for everything we do

We will always respect all relevant immigration laws and also all relevant laws governing us in the countries that we operate

We will be courteous & respectful in dealings with all stakeholders

We will exhibit high personal, moral & ethical standards and will take care to ensure our decision-making is ethical.