Qualifying Criteria

Qualifying Investment

The Qualifying Investment must be in Malta Government Bonds or stocks or in funds that invest exclusively in Malta. We, at Migratesmart®, can help you connect with a qualifying stock broker and / or banking institution that will enable you to meet this criteria. The ‘Qualifying Investment’ may be sold off after a period of 5 years.

Qualifying Property

The Main Applicant must lease or purchase a residential property (any other kind of property does not meet the criteria of ‘Qualifying Property’) that is fit to live in (e.g. a house, apartment or maisonette that is finished – i.e. not in shell or semi-finished condition). The Applicant may own/lease property only after receiving the Letter of Approval. However, ownership/lease before submission of application is also acceptable. If the Applicant sells or stops leasing the qualifying property before 5 years, they must immediately replace it with another qualifying property. The Applicant is not obliged to retain possession of the qualifying property after 5 years. However, to retain Malta Permanent Residence, he/she must provide a suitable address in Malta.

Proof of Assets / Income

The Main Applicant has to prove that he/she either has an annual income of at least € 100,000 or is in possession of assets of more than € 500,000. Dependants are not required to provide any proof of income or assets.

The ways in which an applicant can satisfy this criteria are as follows :

  • Contract of employment
  • Salary slips
  • Security / Investment Portfolio
  • Property appraisal
  • Company financial accounts

Due Diligence Process

Due Diligence is carried out both by us at Migratesmart® and by the Government of Malta on the Main Applicant & dependants. The Due Diligence Process normally takes about 2-4 months.

The Main Applicant & dependants do not need to present in Malta at the time of submission of application.

Each applicant i.e. the main applicant & each dependant must have a minimum coverage of EU Health Insurance of € 30,000. This is normally done after receiving a ‘Letter of Approval’. On receiving the “Residence Certificate”, all applicants must travel to Malta for their biometrics (children below 6 do not need to provide biometrics), after which a Residence Card is issued for each applicant.

The Residence Certificate does not have an expiry date. However, the Residence Card is valid for 5 years (and can be renewed) & is subject to annual monitoring for the 1st 5 years & once every 5 years thereafter.

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