Why Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful and rich country in Western Europe known for its captivating landscape and clean air. Grasslands and pastures cover 80% of the island. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and located west of England.

It is one of the best destinations for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs).

Key Features

  • Extraordinary standard of living
  • One of the fastest-growing economies in Europe
  • Member of EU & Eurozone
  • Only English-speaking EU country
  • One of the world’s best tax jurisdictions – it has implemented a tax scheme that benefits major multinational businesses in order to attract investments and jobs. In Ireland, the corporate tax rate is only 12.5%, one of the world’s lowest. In addition, Ireland allows many companies to pay even less tax for certain kinds of business. Any income you make from Irish patents you own is taxed at 6.25%
  • Companies in Ireland have access to a European labor force of approximately 250 million

Global Tech Hub

Dubbed the Silicon Valley of Europe, Dublin is home to the operations of some of the world’s biggest tech corporations – Google, Apple, Facebook, PayPal, Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, AOL, Twitter, Intel, and countless others. The sheer amount of tech companies opening in Dublin has even led to the Grand Canal Docks becoming more commonly known as the Silicon Docks.

Ireland’s performance as a hub for FDI is unrivaled. Ireland is now home to over 1400 overseas companies and continues to attract businesses from sectors such as technology, engineering, life sciences, global business services, and financial services.

It is ranked first in the world for attracting high-value investment projects.

Thousands of the world’s largest technology and innovation companies have established their European headquarters in Ireland –

  • It has 9 of the top 10 US technology companies
  • All of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies
  • The top 5 global software companies
  • 14 of the top 15 global medical technology companies
  • 8 of the top 10 global industrial automation companies
  • 20 of the top 25 global financial services companies

The thought of acquiring citizenship of 28 EU countries and the UK (owing to the CTA) is mouth-watering enough. Add to that the robust infrastructure that allows future generations to not only realize their potential, but to surpass it, and Ireland becomes absolutely unique in every way.


Ireland has the youngest population in the EU.

  • It ranks 1st in the world for flexibility and adaptability of its workforce
  • 1st in the world for labor productivity in industry
  • 3rd for high worker motivation
  • 1st for attracting and retaining talent

Ease of doing business

Ireland’s pro-business attitude enables companies to set up swiftly. It is ranked among the top countries in the world to do business.

  • 3rd in the world in the Economic Freedom Index 2022
  • 11th most competitive economy in the world


Ireland’s education is amongst the best in the world. Its world-class education institutions such as Trinity College, University College Cork, NUI Galway & Dublin City University provide children with the launchpad to become global citizens.

  • The share of 30-40 year olds in Ireland with a third level qualification is 53.5%, compared to an EU average of 40%.
  • Ireland has the 3rd highest numeracy and literacy rates for 10-year-olds globally
  • Ireland is implementing a comprehensive and forward-looking National Skills Strategy and Action Plan for Education, which aims to make Irish education and training the best in Europe by 2026

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