Benefits of the IIP

Considered to be one of the best immigration investor programs in the world, the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) offers unparalleled benefits compared to other similar global Residency by Investment Programs.

Following is a list of the unique benefits that motivate investors to choose this program :

  • Very Low eligibility Requirement: There are no interview, language, education, business/management background and physical examination (medical test or biometrics) requirements
  • Family Immigration: Spouses & children under the age of 18 years (and in certain circumstances up to the age of 24 years) can also get residence permits, which allow them to work, study and/or do business in Ireland
  • Get Irish Permanent Residency at Low Risk: You need to invest only after your Permanent Residency (PR) is approved. It can be renewed indefinitely every 5 years
  • Very low Residence Requirement: You are mandatorily required to stay in Ireland for only ONE DAY per calendar year to retain your residency
  • Prioritized EU Entrance: Irish PR holders require a visa to travel across the EU. However, the visa is easily processed and usually granted free of charge. Once you obtain your citizenship, you’ll be able to travel within the EU visa-free
  • Favorable Tax Regime: Ireland has a low (12.5 percent) corporate tax rate, leading to its ranking as the “Best Country for Business” by Forbes in 2013, and has signed a Bilateral Tax Treaty with many countries
  • Top-notch Education System: Free mandatory education (in English) and free public university education with citizenship. Your children will have access to the world’s top colleges and universities in Ireland, such as Trinity College and University College Dublin. You can also avail a discount of up to €50,000 on your investment for any educational expenses you’re planning to commit to in Ireland.
  • High Standard of Living: Ireland ranks second for quality of life in the Human Development Index.
  • Dynamic Business Environment: Ireland offers competitive operating costs and high-quality services. It attracts high-value investment projects in many sectors, adding quality to the lives of residents.
  • Food Safety: Ranked 1st with Canada for the safest food in the world. More than 50% of the milk powder and 25% of infant milk formula in the world is exported from Ireland. Ireland also has some of the world’s finest seafood from its unpolluted oceans.
  • Clean Environment: Ireland, known as the “Emerald Isle”, is the least polluted country in the world.
  • Safe Country and Friendly People: Ireland is 1 of the 7 neutral countries in the world and is a top-ranked country on the Global Peace Index and the Global Happy Planet Index. It is graded as one of the friendliest countries in the world and has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.
  • No Need to Learn English: International Language: It is the only country in Europe with English as its official language.
  • Path to Citizenship with global visa-free access: You can apply for Citizenship after meeting the residence and other miscellaneous requirements. An Irish passport enables you to travel visa-free to 190 countries in the world. Your family members are also eligible to apply for citizenship.
  • Member of European Union (EU): Since Ireland is a member of the EU, you have the chance to apply for an EU Passport, thus giving you the ability to travel, live, work, study, and do business in any of the 28 countries of the EU
  • Access to the UK: As per the Common Travel Area Agreement signed between Ireland and the UK, citizens of both countries have the right to work, study, travel freely & do business without the need for a visa. This makes Ireland the only country in the world whose citizenship allows access to both EU & UK.
  • Ireland allows dual citizenship.

Benefits for Permanent Residents

  • You can work without Employment Permit
  • Your children can receive free education in public schools
  • Your children can easily enroll in leading schools and universities in Ireland
  • You can establish and operate a business, which can access the EU market
  • You may access state services

Benefits for Citizens

As EU citizens, Irish people can live and work freely in any EU Member State, and that means more business opportunities and job choices. Irish citizens working in other EU countries enjoy equal treatment in accessing employment, working conditions and all other social and tax advantages. And you become an EU citizen and can apply for an EU Passport, hence effectively making you a citizen of all 28 countries of the EU. Also, you are eligible to apply for UK citizenship. Further, the Irish Passport is the 4th strongest in the world, allowing visa-free access to 190 countries.

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