Benefits of Dual Citizenship

“Dual Citizenship” implies being a citizen of, and having a passport of, two countries.


  • Education : Allows children to study in either country at citizen tuition fees
  • Work : Allows you to work in either or both countries without a work permit or visa. Also, by being able to work freely in two countries you are able to gain wider work experience
  • Business : Gives global reach to business and opens access to new lucrative areas
  • Property : Allows ownership of property in both countries
  • Tax Benefits : Allows for prudent tax-planning and lowering of tax liability legally
  • Asset Protection : Allows diversification of assets and hence more security in protecting your wealth
  • Visa-free travel : If structured intelligently, dual or multiple citizenship could grant you visa-free access to most countries in the world. Also, one does not have to go through the hassle of frustrating, time-consuming & expensive visa application processes.
  • Security : Gives you an instant safe heaven and an alternative place to live in times of war, political unrest, economic downturns and natural disasters
  • Social Security : Allows you to vote and access the social security of both countries
  • Emergencies : In extreme circumstances, you can have the option of reaching out to two embassies or consulates if you need emergency assistance abroad.
  • Generational Benefits : One is able to pass on citizenships to your future children & grandchildren.