Migration Agents/Lawyers

The Immigration Council of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is the national regulatory body that oversees regulated immigration and citizenship consultants and international student advisors.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Citizenship Act require anyone providing Canadian immigration or citizenship advice to be a member in good standing of the ICCRC, a Canadian law society, or the Chambre des notaires du Québec. Every Immigration Consultant, who is authorized to provide migration advice under the law, must abide by a Code of Professional Ethics.

Remember to always verify your authorized Canadian immigration consultant’s status & check whether there are any disciplinary notices (revocations, suspensions, or restrictions) issued against them.

Only the following people can charge you a fee for providing Canadian immigration or citizenship advice:

  • lawyers and paralegals who are members in good standing of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society
  • notaries who are members in good standing of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, and
  • citizenship or immigration consultants who are members in good standing of ICCRC

How can a registered immigration consultant help you ?

  • They conduct a comprehensive study of your background, circumstances & future plans to determine your eligibility
  • They explain & give advice on your immigration options
  • They can help you understand the issues you may encounter in the application process
  • They can suggest an immigration plan tailored to your individual needs and help in choosing the best immigration program for you
  • They will help you fill out, review & submit your immigration or citizenship application, and meet deadlines if required
  • They will communicate with the Government of Canada on your behalf
  • They will represent you in an immigration or citizenship application or hearing
  • They will support you through every step of the immigration process

How much will a RCIC cost?

The fees charged by an RCIC will normally depend on a combination of the following factors :

  • The experience, reputation, and capabilities of the consultant
  • Customary charges of other practitioners of similar standing in the locality in like matters
  • The novelty, complexity, and importance of the work
  • The value of the subject matter
  • The skill required to perform the service properly
  • The time & effort required and spent
  • Any special circumstances, including urgency or special requests by the client

To ensure that you succeed in one of the biggest decisions in your life, it is essential that you seek help only from very experienced regulated immigration consultants or immigration lawyers who are aware of all the nuances of Canadian Immigration law.

Be aware that no consultant, whether registered or not, can give you a visa or fast-track your application processing or guarantee you a visa, no matter how much money you pay them. Only the Government of Canada can make a decision on your visa.