The Australian government releases details of Migration Program 2020-21

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Post the Federal budget, the Australian government, in a media release, revealed details of the Permanent Migration Program for 2020-21.


The focus of the Migration Program 2020-21 is on supporting economic recovery, growing Australian businesses and creating jobs for Australians. The Program has been remain capped at the same level as last year i.e. 160,000 places, but there is a distinct change in allocations for different categories of visa classes.


Following are the key features of the Migration Program 2020-21 :

  • Two-Thirds of permanent visas are expected to go to people in Australia
  • Of the remaining  places, two-thirds will be granted under the Skill stream & one-third under the Family stream
  • Innovators, investors & job creators, those who are going to grow Australian businesses, create Australian jobs & help in Australia’s economic recovery, will be the target of skilled visas
  • Priority within the skill stream will be given to the Global Talent visa, the Business Innovation & Investment Program and Employer Sponsored visas
  • Allocation for the “Global Talent” visa has been increased 3-fold to 15,000 places. Hence, the government has made it clear that it intends to attract the best minds from around the world in key sectors such as advanced manufacturing, financial services, Fintech & health
  • Allocation for business investor visas has been doubled to 13, 500 places. The business investor visas will be further streamlined, with changes in investment & residency requirements, details of which will be announced in coming weeks.
  • Employer sponsored visas will be prioritized over non-sponsored visas with a focus on occupations on PMSOL. The PMSOL will be regularly reviewed & updated based on advice from the National Skills Commission
  • The majority of visas in the family stream will go to Partners. Hence, partner visas in the family stream will be prioritized
  • The Humanitarian program will be set at 13,750 places
  • The government will also offer Visa Application Charge (VAC) refunds, waivers or visa extensions to visa holders who have been unable to travel to Australia due to COVID-19. This includes waiving the VAC for Working Holiday makers & Visitors to boost tourism once the borders re-open


Following are the details of the number of places allocated for each class of visas for the Migration Program 2020-21 :

  • Skilled Independent : 6500 places
  • Skilled Nominated (State/Territory nomination) : 11,200 places
  • Skilled Work Regional & Skilled Employer Sponsored : 11,200 places
  • Employer Sponsored (ENS) : 22,000 places
  • Business Innovation & Investment : 13, 500 places
  • Global Talent : 15,000 places
  • Distinguished Talent : 200 places
  • Partner : 72,300
  • Parent : 4500
  • Child : 3000
  • Other family : 500
  • Special eligibility : 100

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