Relocating to India

India has always been a major source country for migration to many countries around the world. But what is little known is that increasingly India is becoming a destination for expats looking to advance their careers or start a business in India.

With its fast-growing economy and low cost of living, it is no surprise that India houses one of the largest expatriate populations in the world. It is a rapidly developing country which is what makes it a favourable choice for expats.

What makes living in India so different from life in other places is the fact that each city in this diverse country has its own charm. While you’d experience a fast-paced and busy lifestyle in metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi, life in smaller towns is more relaxed. Most expats report their initial experience as a feast for the senses. The sheer volume of people, colours, smells, and flavours can be overwhelming and enticing. There are many facets that one would have to consider before settling down to day-to-day life in India.

Pros of relocating to India

  • The cost of living can be very reasonable. While the cost of living will be higher in the major cities, it is still much lower than in the USA or major European cities. Housing remains one of the biggest expenses for expats, but even in bigger cities, there are cheaper options available if you know where to look (or are willing to compromise a little on the standards of accommodation you may be used to). Food, services, household goods and many other items can be relatively inexpensive and many expats can comfortably enjoy help around the home (e.g. a nanny, gardener or cleaner).
  • There is a huge array of cultures and lots of diversity in India. This would help you grow & broaden your horizons.
  • You will never feel out of place as an Expat – as locals are renowned for being welcoming & friendly.
  • Telecommunications in India is relatively inexpensive & reliable. You can expect excellent internet in most areas.
  • Services in India are inexpensive. If you need to get your computer, car, or appliances repaired for any reason it’s very reasonable.

Cons of relocating to India

  • The weather can be a constrain. India is a huge country and temperatures vary from one region to another. The heat & humidity can, at times, be problematic for expats
  • Whilst the majority of India is relatively safe, crime is persistent. Women travelling alone can be targets for assault in some public places.
  • Driving in India can seem confusing & chaotic for expats.
  • Pollution and general cleanliness can be an issue in heavily populated areas. Though there has been a concerted effort by the government to improve the situation on this count.
  • Longer working hours – Expats may have to endure longer working hours than they would be used to in their home countries.

Some important points to note for Expats relocating to India

  • Best places to live in India for Expats – Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai
  • Industries you can likely find work as an expat – Information Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Telecommunications, and Business Services
  • Foreign nationals residing in India are permitted to open and maintain domestic Resident Rupee accounts like Savings Account, Current Account & Term Deposits.
  • Take out a health insurance policy
  • You can get Permanent Residency and Indian Citizenship provided you satisfy residency & other stipulated requirements
  • India does not recognize dual citizenship. Hence, you will need to surrender your current passport to acquire Indian citizenship

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