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Real Estate Services

Our team’s extensive experience in the Cyprus real estate market helps you in choosing the best properties. We strive to ensure that you are paying a fair price for the property of your choice. We help you at each stage of the acquisition process. Our property acquisition services includes the following :

  • Identification of the strategy and needs of the client
  • Review property options based on the client’s requirements
  • Tours of pre-selected properties
  • Property evaluation
  • Negotiation of price and transaction conditions
  • Legal and financial due diligence
  • Preparation and/or review of the agreements
  • Assistance with transfer and clearance of funds
  • Registration of rights/taking over of ownership
  • After-sales support/management of the property/rentals

General Services:

  • Providing a detailed overview of the process
  • Advice on making the right real estate investment
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Preparation of the Cyprus Permanent Residence Visa application in the required format & in conformity with prevalent laws.
  • Liaising with the Cyprus Ministry of Interior & applying for the Cyprus Residence Permit for all applicants.
  • Liaising with the Cyprus Migration department for issue of the Cyprus Residence Permit once the application has been approved by the Ministry of Interior.

Legal Services:

  • Search at the land registry for the relevant property & provide information regarding encumbrances, mortgages etc.
  • Obtain the required bank declarations/waivers if the property is mortgaged
  • Draft or review and amend the “Contract of Sale” to ensure that the contract protects the client.
  • Attend to the relevant tax authorities and settle the taxes & stamp duties.
  • Attend to the Land Registry & lodge the Contract of Sale
  • Apply for the reduced rate of VAT (if applicable)
  • Apply for the permit by the Council of Ministers for the purchase of property by foreigners.

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