Our Services

Our partnerships with leading & highly reputed law firms in all countries that we operate in, or provide services for, enables us to provide end-to-end solutions & services to our clients. Our services for Cyprus Citizenship & the Republic of Cyprus Passport includes the following:

  • Legal services & advice for the required investment
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Preparation of the citizenship application in conformity with prevalent laws & submission of the application
  • Liaising with the Cyprus Ministry of Interior and applying for Citizenship
  • Liaising with the Cyprus Immigration Department for issue of the Citizenship Certification, once application has been approved by the Ministry of Interior
  • Search at the land registry for the relevant property, with information regarding encumbrances, mortgages, etc.
  • Obtain the required bank declarations/waivers if the property is mortgaged
  • Draft or review and amend (if necessary) the “Contract of Sale” to ensure that interests of the client are protected
  • Attend to the relevant tax authorities & settle taxes and stamp duties where applicable
  • Attend to the Land Registry & lodge the “Contract of Sale”
  • Apply for the permit by the Council of Ministers for the purchase of property by foreigners
  • Regular update on the progress of the application
  • Upon granting of citizenship, assist with the issuance of Cyprus passports & ID Cards

Contact us at Migratesmart® to ensure your process of acquiring a Cyprus Citizenship and the Republic of Cyprus Passport is smooth, stress-free & successful. With our many years of experience in helping clients achieve their migration goals, we at Migratesmart® are proud to have won the trust of a global clientele who, many a time, look to us for services that go far beyond our offered portfolio.