Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) was passed by parliament in April, 2013. It allows individuals and their eligible family members to directly acquire Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by making a specified quantum of investment in any one of the following categories :

  • Donation to the “National Development Fund (NDF)”
  • Investment in government approved projects (real estate)
  • Investment in business.
  • W.e.f. 06.09.2018, the cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda has agreed to create a fourth investment option under the Citizenship by Investment Program i.e. “The University of West Indies Fund” option.

Family members eligible to apply along with the “Main Applicant” include spouse, dependent children and dependent parents and/or grandparents.

To be eligible, one is not required to show proof of education or business experience, nor does one have to show any English language proficiency. The application process is confidential. However, all applicants will be subjected to due diligence checks carried out by the government of Antigua and Barbuda with the help of world-renowned due diligence organizations. Hence, applicants must ensure that they do not have any criminal background or been the subject of any conviction in their country of residence / citizenship.

There is a “Restricted Country List” comprising of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen & Sudan. Nationals of these countries can only apply under “limited circumstances”.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship and Passport Applications cannot be submitted directly to the Antigua & Barbuda government. An application must ONLY be submitted through a “licensed agent” authorised to act in this regard by the government of Antigua and Barbuda. Applications submitted directly will be rejected.

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