Offering the perfect balance between work and relaxation, with long sunny days in a stress-free atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, Cyprus enjoys an idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle, 340 days of sunshine a year and some of the most welcoming people in the world, all in a modern and well-functioning environment.

Imagine a life away from cold, rainy days and the hectic lifestyle that exists in most Western countries, but in a perfect sunny climate with crystal clear blue seas, forests, mountains and vibrant wild flowers throughout the year, in a relaxed atmosphere with welcoming smiles of locals which make every visitor feel instantly at home. It is easy to see why Cyprus is emerging as one of the top destinations in which to relocate.

This beautiful island plays host to a wealth of contrasts. It is a country where east meets west, where traditions still play an important role in society but where life is never stuck in the past. It may be small but is never claustrophobic, always offering something new to discover – and life moves at a relaxed and gentle pace without ever being dull.

Cyprus cosmopolitan towns and resorts offer a lifestyle as sophisticated as that of any other modern European city. Cyprus offers an enviable lifestyle in a clean and healthy environment with a high standard of living. Living &working here are directly related to fabulous weather, beautiful nature, art and culture, safety, security and above all hospitable and warm people.

It is the combination of all these factors that makes the experience of living in Cyprus extremely desirable and attractive.

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