Health System

Cyprus has an excellent health care system, comparable to those in developed countries. Healthcare in Cyprus is provided by both the public & private sectors and is cheap & cost effective. The presence of numerous health care facilities significantly enhances the island’s reputation as a centre for medical excellence and highlights the opportunities available to foreign investors. Private Doctors and dentists are located in almost every town, with Cyprus having one of the best ratios per head for the healthcare professionals.

The Cyprus healthcare system is divided into public and private sectors. Public healthcare is either inexpensive or free, at least for citizens of the EU. Private healthcare is also relatively affordable. Doctors working in both sectors are often trained overseas and most, if not all, speak very good English.

Public healthcare in Cyprus

It is administered by the Ministry of Health and financed by taxes. The ministry places patients into 3 categories based on income, chronic illness and number of children, consisting of people who receive treatment free of charge, those who pay reduced fees and those who pay fully. EU citizens can apply for a ‘Medical Card’, which entitles them to state medical cover. As a rule, medical cards are only issued to people holding either Cyprus Permanent Residency or Cyprus Citizenship (including EU Citizenship).

Private healthcare in Cyprus

Non-EU citizens or EU citizens who prefer to take out private health insurance, must pay careful attention to the healthcare plan they sign up for. Many people choose to take out a private healthcare policy to access a wider variety of hospitals and facilities, and to skip the public sector’s occasionally long waiting lists. An assortment of schemes are available to foreigners in Cyprus, each tailored individually based on certain criteria.

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